It's Your Right to Know

Local government is at the centre of a modern day 'gold rush' bonanza.

Thousands of pounds of public funds are being diverted into the pockets of unelected PR spin doctors, management consultants and their ilk.

It means
higher taxes, but less to support communities, residents, families, youngsters, the elderly and disabled.

So isn't it time to make it your business to hold
spendaholic politicians and officials to account?

We can show you how it is done.

Orchard News Bureau specialises in obtaining information and financial data from reluctant public bodies.

Some persist in hiding or censoring information which voters, residents and taxpayers have a legal right to see.

But we have a proven track record of challenging a sub-culture of excessive and unjustified
secrecy within Town Halls and Constabulary authorities.

ONB assists journalists and media companies with investigations into how and where Council Taxes have been spent.

Who benefits if local councils and police authorities are subjected to meaningful, responsible and independent scrutiny?

The public.

Who does not benefit? People who shouldn't be in positions of power or 'influence' in the first place.

Taxpayers look to the media to ensure politicians, bureaucrats and contractors are held accountable for their activities.

It is an unfortunate fact of life (the world over) that politicians and civil servants are freer to engage in
corruption wherever and whenever editors and journalists abdicate their watchdog roles.

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