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January/February 2021

The impact of Brexit and Covid on UK passport renewals
British citizens resident in the EU face extra security hurdles if they need to submit an application to renew an expiring UK passport, with tighter customs restrictions post-Brexit and amid ongoing pandemic travel restrictions.

November/December 2020

Home-working & I.T.: Does it have to be a security headache?
Software systems allowing managers to monitor employees who work at home need not be as intrusive as some critics suggest. We talk to CEO Piotr Kubiak about the advantages of a leading I.T. solution for bosses and workers.
October 2020

Learning the lessons: How to train teachers in a global pandemic
Thousands have embarked on new teaching careers after attending British Council courses. Trainer Declan Cooley outlines the move to online instruction. Plus: Lugano update from Farrer & Co law partner Hendrik Puschmann.

September 2020

The riddle of Brexit, Lugano Day and an "Italian torpedo"
Brexit risks leaving British businesses in legal limbo over enforcing cross-border compensation claims in commercial courts. Will the UK's bid to stay part of another continental accord succeed or fail? The EU's verdict is imminent.
July 2020

The Covid-19 'double whammy' facing UK foreign students
International undergrads risk losing property left in dorms as Covid-19 struck, plus future rent guarantee woes. Ex-Uni boss John Simons and lawyer Nicola Fairburn reflect on a dilemma for managers, students and families.

June 2020

The unfolding crisis for the UK's English summer schools
Business acquisitions consultant James Dixey and summer school director Harry Hortyn describe how Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on a £1.4bn industry, and what owners need to do to survive and attract students in the future.
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The law requires UK local authorities to make swathes of financial records available for public scrutiny for 20 days each year. We provide a guide to when, where and how journalists can exercise rights to hold councils to account for the way they spend taxpayers' money.

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Combining practical 'how to' skills with reflection on the place of each specialism in the industry, this guide features the skills needed to cover specialist areas, including writing match reports for sport, reviewing the arts, and dealing with complex information for science. The book also discusses how specialist journalists have contributed to the mainstream news agenda, as well as analysing how different issues have been covered in each specialism, such as the credit crunch, global warming, national crime statistics and the celebrity culture in sport.

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